STEEL TOE STAFFING offers a wide range of Staffing options that can be used to solve our client’s staffing needs.  We truly believe that the only way to do business is to do it the customer’s way!  STEEL TOE STAFFING is a community oriented organization serving the South East with the ability to open a satellite office within 10 days anywhere in the USA!


  • Onsite Services: For larger companies, with a need for 50+ ongoing temporary employees.  Our recruiters will work closely with you at your location to assist your supervisors, address employee problems, payroll issues, and coordinate the recruitment of employees.
  • Temp-to-Hire: Allows companies to utilize the person as a temporary employee for a minimum of 520 hours (about 90 days) before hiring the person onto the company’s payroll.
  • Long & Short-Term Placements: For projects, busy season, high turnover positions, cost control, or employee – leave absences.
  • Direct Hire: Immediate hiring to your payroll for a recruiting fee based on a negotiated rate of the employee’s annual salary.
  • Payroll Services: Let us help all of your payroll and medical insurance needs.

We are ready to provide you with the best quality services possible.  We understand that finding the right person can be difficult.  We stress experience and competency with every member of our staff.

It is our goal to familiarize ourselves with your company needs in order to refer you to the highest quality candidates.

  • Applicant Interviews: Applicants complete a detailed application and is interviewed to learn more about their work history, education level, & skills.
  • Reference Checks: Sometimes, the best way to learn more about someone is to simply ask.  We perform reference checks on all applicants.
  • Drug Screening: At your request, we perform urine and/or hair follicle drug tests.  Candidates with positive results will not be employed.
  • Criminal Background Investigations: At your request, we conduct National or SLED criminal background investigation.
  •  Physical Assessments: Based on client request, applicants will be given a physical assessment to test their stress levels, hearing, and vision.  Physical Assessments are site specific, and helps to determine physical ability for more strenuous   jobs.
  • Safety: All employees must complete our in – house safety training program annually.  Our Work Man’s Compensation insurance policy protects your company from injury claims.
  • Testing: Based on client request, STEEL TOE STAFFING offers aptitude testing for designated jobs.  Wonderlic Testing is one of the main assessments given; this is used to test the applicant’s ability to do basic comprehension and math.   Other testing such as forklift safety, written welding testing, measurements, etc., are also offered.
  • Payroll Processing: STEEL TOE STAFFING completes payroll on a weekly basis.  As a client, you will receive a weekly invoice outlining employee info, wages, and hours worked.
  • Recruitment Programs: We are excited to have ongoing programs in place to attract the best available candidates to refer to our clients.

Our commitment to excellent service means that you get reliable results.

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